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Our sales team leader comes from Canada, the graphic, concept and product design team is a mix of European, Japanese and Hong Kong while our acoustic engineer's heritage is part Irish and English. With an age span from the 20’s to 50’s, we have the perfect mix of West and East, young and mature, experienced and energetic. The Lars&Ivan team provides innovation, intelligent design and an "alternative" approach to making products to please many people.

Mark Fenlon - Mechanical engineer - UK
Mark's acoustic engineering experience provides the backbone for new Lars&Ivan speaker systems. Mark started his career in pneumatics, the movement and control of air and gas. He spent his earlier years in the Middle East and Europe working on large-scale energy distribution systems. The properties of sound and resonance formed a significant part of Mark's work. With his extensive engineering know-how, Mark moved into materials technology, specializing in industrial plastics and synthetics. By applying over 30 years of knowledge to audio research and development, Mark spent the last 5 years developing wide range audio drivers. Ever practical and realistic, he has a determination to "push" the performance envelope of audio drivers while keeping a close eye on value for money. Mark is also designing and selling hi-end drivers through the Markaudio brand around the World.
Anthony Poon - Product designer - Hong Kong
Anthony brings a fresh perspctive to product design. At 24 and trained in Hong Kong, he's influenced by new Asian design concepts. Anthony also has a deep appreciation of Italian conceptual thinking, form and functions. He hopes to spend time in Italy later this year to further develop his design skills.
Nuria Espallargas - Chief graphic designer - Spain
Nuria began her professional career working in Barcelona, where she graduated as a graphic designer in Eina, the most prestigious design university in Spain. After accumulating 4 years of experience in Barcelona, Nuria desired to widen her design knowledge and to get acquainted with different cultures and working styles, and decided to move to Hong Kong, where she became the chief graphic designer for Lars & Ivan. At 27, Nuria has already acquired considerable experience in graphic design. Her best qualities are her sensitivity in visual disciplines and everything related to art, design, photography and typography.


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