In October 2000, Lars&Ivan first product was their famous Art Phone. The Art Phone was selected as one of the 100 best design prototypes by AXIS (2002).
In 2003, Lars&Ivan released the first series of design loudspeakers at IFA Berlin.
In 2005, Lars&Ivan demonstrated the first integrated tube amplifier known as the PA-40 and the
Cube-S coaxial loudspeakers.
In 2007. Lars&Ivan launched BK21 kit-set (Bobo Speakers and PA-21 Amplifier) into Europe and received "The Best Desktop Speakers" award in the UK's What Hi-Fi magazine.
In 2008 The Company secured its position in the international market with it new products, further developed its image and commenced collaboration with Markaudio, a leading audio driver design company. By the end of 2008, Lars&Ivan will launch a series of new products and increase its distribution networks in North America, Europe and Oceania.

The world is changing, technology is evolving but one thing that's constant is our motivation to pursue a better life, happiness and satisfaction. Lars&Ivan is a young vibrant lifestyle audiovisual design company, developing a range of products to be companions of pleasure. Our products are innovative and fresh. Originality, detailing, product quality and affordability make Lars&Ivan an authentic lifestyle company.

Lars&Ivan focuses on delivering an aesthetic experience, providing functions that aren't gimmicks, but genuinely please the audio visual experience. We hope everyone, everywhere has the opportunity to enjoy a pleasurable lifestyle



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